Feng Shui Arowana - The Dragon Fish - 18" inches high

Feng Shui Arowana - The Dragon Fish - 18" inches high

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Arowana - The Dragon Fish (18 inches high) 
Temple-blessed and cleansed 
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Arowana is sometimes called as dragon fish because it has scales that is colorful, metallic and reflective. And therefore this fish is believed to be able to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck, happiness and wealth. You can also benefit from the charmed arowana by displaying pictures or images of it. Some people keep this fish in their office or home aquarium. Arowanas are very popular amongst businessman because they claim that this fish creates positive energy.

Arowana fish are considered capable of catching negative vibrations of an intruder, then it will alert its owner by reacting in hyper and aggressive manner (such as hitting the wall of aquarium, jumping etc). To some extent, the fish would also jump out of the aquarium to commit suicide so that negativities couId be diffused in exchange for its life. It is also said that the fish possess ability to stay focus and understand human language. If you have arowana fish and going to sell it, dont say it in front of the fish and let it know, the fish will jump out from the aquarium and commit suicide.

Arowana Fish in Feng Shui

Water is a beneficial and basic Feng Shui element, while both dragon and the fish symbolize prosperity, wealth and success. The union of dragon fish and water in an arowana tank is a good combination with a great deal of potential for producing positive effects. Not only that, the healthy, clean and clear aquarium adds natural balance and beauty to the surrounding area in which it is placed.

When placing this dragon fish, it should be kept in East, North or South-eastern sector of your office or home. Some Feng Shui masters also not recommend us to place arowanas in northwest and west areas as these sectors are both conflict areas. Placing in your bedroom and kitchen is not recommended as this may cause money problems and illnesses.

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