Feng Shui Lucky Fortune Stone Turtles / Tortoise
Lapis Lazuli Gem Stone

Feng Shui Lucky Fortune Stone Turtles / Tortoise

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Feng Shui Lucky Fortune Stone Turtles / Tortoise 
Curved in an Authentic Stones (Blessed) 
(available now are coral, rose quartz, tiger eye, jade, lapiz, onyx, cetrine and clear quartz)

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When they're present they attract the good fortune of wealth, generating income and business opportunity.

Chinese mythology tells that phoenix, qilin (unicorn), dragon and turtle are one of the most sacred animals, and the turtle is the only animals among the four that is actually living today. The word “turtle” commony covers both turtles (generally live in water) and tortoises (generally live on land). Being one of the animals that has endured longest on earth, turtle is considered as a symbol of wisdom, endurance, wealth and long life.

The Feng Shui turtle is used as an energy enhancer and a protection when placed at the back of your house.

You can place it in your office and garden as well. When using the Feng Shui turtle, there are certain guidelines you have to follow to ensure it affects you positively.

The turtle should be placed towards the North direction so that it can support you in career and business projects.

You can place the turtle close to the West-facing main door in order to provide stability and strength to Ba-gua (the energy map). This will bring protection and energy to the main door.

Calculate the kua, the birth element as well as the current Feng Shui energies for the current year in order to help you determine the suitable place and direction to place the turtle.

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