Ivory Fu Dogs - 12"

Ivory Fu Dogs - 12"

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Ivory Fu Dogs (approx 12 inches tall - 5 kg each) 
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Cleansed / Actvated

Fu Dogs are an extremely powerful protection for your home or business; you will find most homes or business in Asia complemented by a pair either inside or outside. Out of all the cures and enhancers in Feng Shui, Fu Dogs in our opinion are the most essential. They come in all shapes and sizes and some of the homes I have visited all over the world display some of the most magnificent pairs I have seen especially the ones in Asia.

They are also know as guardian Lions, lion dogs, or temple lions. We consult on hundreds of homes and business each year and around 70% will have Fu Dogs either placed by the door or windowsills, I would also say that 50% are placed in the wrong order, check below for confirmation.

Where do I place Fu Dogs in 2017?

For protection in 2017 you should place a pair of Fu Dogs – temple Lions in the east if they are red coloured or in the south if they are made from metal, especially if you have a main door in either of these locations. As with all Feng Shui cures and enhancers you should make sure you cleanse all your symbolic ornaments. We cleanse all ours every 3-4 months by washing them and then placing them outside in a full moon or direct sunlight for at least 2-3 hours. By doing this you cleanse them of negative energy and empower them with positive Sheng qi energy.

You will find many variations on web sites, some will have a ball under one paw others will have a Cub under another paw, the most important thing to remember is the order placement and not which foot the ball or cub is under.

The male lion, holding a ball under his left or right paw should be placed on the left side (as you are looking out of a door or window).

The female lion, holding a cub under her right or left paw is placed on the right side.

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