Kuan Kong God of War
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Kuan Kong God of War

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Kuan Kong God of War 

Available in 10" and 14" inches tall

Kuan Kong / Guan Gong

Kwan Kung (Guan Gong, Kuan Kong) is the powerful and mystical Chinese god of war. The Kwan Kung is believed to offer both status and protection to those who invite him into their homes or places of work. His presence is highly desired by businessmen and those seeking protection and equality.

The origination of the powers of Kwan Kung comes from a tale of China’s most powerful warrior. His name was originally Kuan Di and he was a hero both on the battlefield and at home in his country. After many victories and heroic deeds he became known as a sacred protector to emperors, politicians, businessmen and his armies. He was granted the name Kwan Kung or god of war for his many honors.

Kwan Kung is known to defend the guiltless and the righteous, being endowed with the power to bestow equality.

Here are some Feng Shui placements for how to best make use of the powers of the Kwan Kung:

Place the Kwan Kung within your business or workplace facing the entrance way as this is said to protect against fraud and cheating. It will encourage loyalty and integrity amongst your employees and create a level sense in the relations between workers.

Your business is said to be safe and prosper with the help of the Kwan Kung. Enhance the power of the Kwan Kung by placing it in the Northwest corner of your home.

In an office, simply place the Kwan Kung behind your desk facing out. This is especially recommended for those in high positions of power such as managers, politicians and CEO’s.

They will guard you and protect you from lies and betrayal. Display Kwan Kung facing the main entrance of your home is said to help block all “shar chi” or poison arrow killing energy and discourage anyone with bad intentions who attempts to enter your home. Kwan Kung are highly revered in police forces in Asian cultures and are kept as symbols of victory and protection.

According to feng shui bagua 8 life aspirations formula:

Place Kwan Kung in the Northwest corner of your home or office to invite and flourish in mentor luck. Kwan Kung’s confidence and success nurtures those who wish to become leaders and welcomes those who already are. This placement is attractor of the beloved Gui Ren or mentor luck. This type of luck brings you a great benefactor from a higher station in life to help you on your way.

Always place Kwan Kung statue in a place or respect, never in the bathroom, bedroom or never yin energy space. But remember praying to him is not necessary.

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