Mantra Feng Shui Bracelet

Mantra Feng Shui Bracelet

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Temple-Blessed and Temple-Cleansed
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"The Mantra Bracelet" 
A very powerful bracelet that is blessed in the temple, it activates all the Feng Shui power for 
healing the sick, longevity of life, increasing your wealth, money catcher, give success in your life, 
"Protection for you and your family", Increase the power of Love for your Family and Partner, Anti-Negativity in life, Increasing business income and opportunity. All put together in a very powerful Mantra bracelet.

The "Mantra is made of special stones.
Yellow - citrine stone
Green - Peridot stones
Black - Black onyx stone
White - clear Quarts stone
Red- Agate stone
Violet - Amethys stone

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