Our Preferred Mode of Payments

Our Preferred Mode of Payments:
PayMaya Payment Centers:
7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosks:
  1. Visit a Cliqq Kiosk in 7-Eleven stores.
  2. Select e-Money, then PayMaya.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to pay/load up and the mobile number 09985517502. 
  4. The kiosk will issue a receipt. 
  5. Present the receipt to the 7-Eleven cashier together with the load-up amount in cash
  6. Keep the receipt as your Proof of Payment.

Ministop Touchpay Kiosks:
  1. Visit a Touchpay kiosk in selected Ministop stores & other locations.
  2. Choose PayMaya as the service.
  3. Enter the mobile number 09985517502 of the PayMaya recipient (PIBC) and the load-up amount.
  4. Insert your cash payment in the machine. 
  5. Keep the receipt as your Proof of Payment. 
The amount paid will also be reflected in the app of the recipient (PIBC)

Robinson’s Department Stores and SM Business Centers:
  1. Look for the Business Centers in Robinson’s or SM Department Stores.
  2. Tell the representative you want to load up PayMaya.
  3. Fill out the transaction form. The account number is the mobile number 09985517502.
  4. Present a valid ID (student IDs also accepted) along with the load-up amount in cash.
  5. We will receive an SMS text confirming your load-up transaction. 
  6. Keep the receipt as Proof of Payment (only when we require).
BDO Phone/Online Banking:
  1. Log in to your BDO online/mobile account.
  2. Select "Financial Services" > "Bills Payment" > "Pay Bills"
  3. For "Pay this Company/Biller": choose PAYMAYA
  4. For the Subscriber Number, enter the mobile number 639985517502.
  5. For the Subscriber Name, enter the recipient's name as Rolando Raguero. Click Submit.
  6. The message "You have successfully paid your bills" will be shown along with your payment details.
  7. Your PayMaya will receive the load following BDO's load-up schedule:
Note: Load-ups between 9:00AM-9:59 PM on regular working days will be credited to your PayMaya within 2 hours.Load-ups not made within the above schedule will be credited to your PayMaya within 24-48 hours.

Other Mode of Payments:
  • BDO
  • BPI
  • LBC
  • Western Union
  • Palawan Express
Please contact us for payment details