Resting Buddha Antique Design (approx 16" inches high)

Resting Buddha Antique Design (approx 16" inches high)

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Temple-Blessed and Activated
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Resting Buddha Antique Design (approx 16" inches high)

Large Buddha Statues

Buy a Buddha statue to encourage peace and prosperity in your home. 

Traditionally, Buddha statues are used to symbolize religious values or bring luck to the statue’s owner. Keep good energy flowing throughout the home or office with a Buddha statue, or put one in the garden or outside living space. 

A Buddha garden statue is the finishing touch to your tranquil outdoor oasis. These decorations are made of durable materials and finishes, so they will last a long time indoors or in the outside weather conditions. Buy and place some sweet-smelling incense near your Buddha statue for the ultimate serene experience. 

Large Buddha statues serve as the decorative focal point of a room and make great conversation starters. A jolly laughing Buddha statue will bring happiness upon your home and looks great, too. 

Display a Buddha statue on a pedestal or mantel for good luck. These decorative accents come in a wide range of majestic colors and finishes, such as gold, silver, antique white, or brass. Clay Buddha statues are super sturdy and extra long-lasting. 

Buy a resin Buddha statue in a bright color for a more modern look to go with other temporary home accessories. These statues make a great housewarming gift idea for a friend or family member.

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